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Keeping the Peace in Haiti? An Assessment of the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti Using Compliance with its Prescribed Mandate as a Barometer for Success (Harvard Law Student Advocates for Human Rights, Centro de Justica Global)

Harvard Law Student Advocates for Human Rights &Centro de Justica Global

Mar 1, 2005

A little over a year since international pressure and an armed rebellion force the departure of President Jean Bertrand-Aristide and the collapse of his government, Haiti is at risk of becoming a permanent failed state. The presence of the United Nations peacekeeping force, established three months after Aristide’s controversial ouster, has done little to establish stability, protect the populace, or curb human rights violations. This report critiques the performance of that peacekeeping force, the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (“MINUSTAH”), by documenting its failure to effectuate not only the overriding spirit but even the plain terms of its mandate.

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