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Fr. Gerard Jean-Juste’s physical condition continues to deteriorate

8.25.05 12 CST
Fr. Gerard Jean-Juste’s physical condition
continues to deteriorate, according to Detroit Bishop
Thomas Gumbleton and Nurse Practictioner Johanna
Berrigan of Philadelphia who visited him this morning.
He seems very tired, in pain, has tenderness in
abdomen and is experiencing swelling in lymph nodes in
neck and under arms.
Fr. Gerry reported that the chief doctor of the
prison visited him yesterday and did a physical exam
-no blood work or tests.  The doctor told Fr. Gerry
that he is submitting a report today to authorities.
The doctor said Fr. Gerry’s condition warrants further
evaluation and treatment and recommends transfer to
another facility – perhaps to the facility where Yvon Neptune is being kept.  Fr. Gerry is wary of this.
While he knows he needs medical attention, he is wary
of being transferred into even more isolation.
They were only allowed a short visit and there was
more security than two days ago.
Mario Joseph advises that he is again filing a
motion with the Haitian courts for the immediate
release of Fr. Jean-Juste.
Fr. Jean-Juste also wanted to clarify to all that
he is absolutely not a candidate for President of
Haiti.  If conditions are changed to make for a free
and fair election – release of all political prisoners
and the restoration of human rights and democracy –
and he was asked to run by the people and party who he
respects, he would then and only then consider the
possibility of being a candidate. He has not announced
his candidacy and has not authorized anyone to do so
on his behalf.
Please keep up the campaign for his full and
immediate release from prison, by sending letters to
the US Ambassador to Haiti c/o Bill Quigley, Loyola University School of Law,

box 902

, 7214 St. Charles
Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70118 or by faxing a letter
c/o Bill to 504.861.5440.
For further information contact Mario Joseph c/o
BAI at 509. 554.4284 or 509.401.3094.  Bishop
Gumbleton and Johanna Berrigan can be reached at
509.557.6868 or 509.410.2868 for the rest of the day.

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