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Prison-Pacot, Port-au-Prince, Haiti October 12, 2005

Dear Friends c/o Avoka Bill,

On this 84th day of jail, I am still helping my
parish by remote control. A week ago, I did send my
appeal to the Vatican concerning the Port-au-Prince
Archdiocese decree to suspend me from the priest
duties at St. Clare’s. I addressed it directly to the
Holy Father. I sent a copy to Archbishop Miot and
another one to the Papal Nuncio.
This passed Monday, Oct. 10, we received
the visit of a US Congress delegation. There were
three democrats and one republican, accompanied by
their staff and the US Embassy personnel. Congressman
John Conyers, Jr. (D. MI) introduced his republican
colleague Pete Hoekstra as well as Charles Rangel (D.
NY) and Sheila Jackson Lee (D. CA). After a short
introduction from each, I briefed them about the Haiti
stabbing democracy. I stressed about respecting all
the principles of democracy. I denounced the exclusion
practiced by the CEP and the terrible disorganization
within the Council. I reminded them the way a sector
within the International Community insisted that the
Iraqis Diaspora voted in Iraq elections. Meanwhile
it’s complete exclusion for the Haitian Diaspora. I
denounced the beating that you and I received from a
mob supported by the de facto government officials. In
your case, there was no reaction from the US embassy.
I was arrested and still in jail and the mob enjoys
impunity. I spoke also about the church decree as Rep.
Lee mentioned it earlier. My health issue was
questioned too.
They spent some time with Prime Minister
Yvon Neptune. They left the country unnoticed as they
came. Rep. Conyers mentioned they are members of the
Judiciary Committee and they are all lawyers. Mr. Ron
Daniel was a staff member accompanying them. I am
waiting to hear from them. If you have a chance,
please thank them for me.
Judge Jean Peres Paul has not published
his ordinance in my case. I am still waiting.
Probably, you have heard that the Haiti elections have
been postponed. It is a complete mess. I am fearful
for the environment. It is lightly raining the last
five days. Some areas are already flooded.
Please give my greetings to all my friends
in the US and other countries.  It was great to see
you recently. I’ve just spoken to people at St.
Clare’s. They are fine. They were happy with the
church service last Sunday.
Please, express my gratitude and greetings
to all. Keep up the faith and praise God for life!
Fraternally yours in Jesus!

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