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Medical Exam of Father Gerard Jean-Juste Date of Exam

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Healing Haiti’s ChildrenMedical Exam of Father Gerard Jean-Juste Date of Exam: 12-1-05

I had the opportunity to examine Father Gerard Jean-Juste in September, 2005 and again on December 1, 2005 in the Pacot penitentiary annex where Father is imprisoned. Father’s chief complaints are neck pain and back pain. Father complains of intermittent hearing difficulty which he blames on the swelling in his neck. His past history includes hypertension.

Medications: none.

Physical exam (related to chief complaints and positive findings) reveal the following:

Neck: Multiple enlarged lymph nodes that are mobile and have a rubbery consistency. The nodes are bilateral (both sides of the neck), in the anterior and posterior triangles, and above the clavicles (collarbones). The nodes are nontender and are not draining.

Axillary regions (armpits): Very enlarged 10 centimeter nodes in both axillary regions with same consistency as above.

Back: Mild tenderness on percussion over thoracic spine.

Labs and Chest X Ray: Complete Blood Count (CBC) drawn on 11/3/2005 revealed an abnormal increased percentage of lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell). A chest x ray was performed in November, however Father has no access to this and thus I could not review it.

Assessment: Father Jean-Juste has massive lymphadenopathy in the cervical and axillary regions along with an abnormal complete blood count. The lymph nodes have increased in size since my exam in September, 2005. Causes for these findings are numerous including hematologic cancers, metastatic cancer, and a host of infectious diseases.

Plan: Father Jean-Juste needs an extensive medical work up, CAT scan, and surgical biopsy of the cervical and/or axillary lymph nodes to determine their etiology (cause) and to begin appropriate treatment immediately. Many cancers of the blood have a good prognosis when treated early by specialists.

John A. Carroll, M.D.


The Chicago Medial School, 1980, M.D.

Board Certified Internal Medicine

Associate Clinical Professor of Internal Medicine and Surgery,


of Illinois School of Medicine Peoria, 1989-2001

Emergency Department Attending Physician Saint Francis Medical


Peoria, Illinois, 1989-2001

Founder and Medical Director of Haitian Hearts

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