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Message from and Action Alert for Pere Gerard Jean-Juste

Jan 23, 2006


Pere Jean-Juste must be immediately released.� It has been weeks since the diagnosis of leukemia has been confirmed.� Doctors say his weakened immune system leave him vulnerable to death even from basic health problems like the flu.�� The baseless charges against him of murder have finally been dropped.� All that remains are vague political charges of �association with malefactors.�� In a meeting with Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, Johanna Berrigan, and Bill Quigley in prison last week, Pere Jean-Juste emphatically rejected those charges as well.

Time is of the essence. Faxes should be made to President Boniface Alexander and Minister of Justice Henry D�Orleans.�� Ask for IMMEDIATE humanitarian liberation for Pere Jean-Juste.�

President of the Republic of Haiti
Boniface Alexandre
Pr�sident de la R�publique
Palais National
Champ de Mars
Port-au-Prince, HAITI
Fax: 011.509.224.4875
Salutation: Monsieur le Pr�sident / Mr. President

Minister of Justice and Public Security�
Me. Henri Dorl�ans
Minist�re de la Justice
19 Ave. Charles Sumner, Port-au-Prince, Haiti (W.I.)
Fax:� �� 011.509.245.0474 (please ask for the fax: “La
ligne de fax, s’il vous plait”)
Salutation:� Monsieur le Ministre/Dear Mr. Dorl�ans

Here is Pere Jean-Juste�s latest letter to us:
Friends, Compatriots and All:

It is not easy for me to communicate to you through the media.� It is forbidden by my jailers.� That order comes from the �Big Boss,� the invisible one in Haiti.

With heart broken I have followed most of the big events in Haiti.� Year 2005 has been very rough in Haiti.� Tragedy after tragedy.� As we have survived it, I remain grateful to God for you and for me.
With the grace of God, I hope that you and I and all men and women of good will are doing our best to drastically improve life in Haiti.

My health is quitting me.� Some physicians say that a type of cancer called leukemia is attacking my cells.� Death may come soon if I do not receive treatment.� Supporters from Haiti and around the world are keeping the pressure on.� Others are calling to the living God with tears in their eyes.� Unfortunately, some people think I am faking.� They wish my death.

Whatever position someone may take does not matter to me.� Doing God�s will has been my motto.� On February 7, 2006, I will reach the age of 60 years.� I think I was very lucky in this life.� Most of my compatriots died between 45 and 55 years.� I am already an exception.

If I can, I would like to take the opportunity to raise the death issue before I depart from earth.� Each one of us has to go.� Unfortunately I will leave more work for you.� However, I believe God always arises new workers for his vineyard.� Plus, from above, I�ll be so busy meeting God�s family members who enter heaven, so do not worry about me.

As I am writing this communiqu�, some people, friends of mine, enter the jail crying, with tears flowing down their cheeks.�� That makes me uncomfortable, but what can I do to stop it?�
Death in the risen Christ is not the end of life.� It is a passage, a necessary one from earth to heaven.� I am looking forward to discover, thanks to Jesus, the glorious heavenly life.� So many ancestors, friends, relatives, parents, martyrs, militants, justice and freedom lovers to greet.

Do not worry for me � as Jesus once told us �worry on yourselves.�

Worry on yourselves.� You have work to do.� You do not have the means yet, or the means may be hidden.� Please listen to God, enjoy putting his gospel into your lives and with him God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, you will build a better world.

Open your intelligence, open your hearts and minds and be creative to exploit the wealth in our own world � to make a better living for each other.� Yes, you can.� Yes, we can.� Let love triumph, let its fruits be shared and happy days for all.

Finally, let me tell you as a Christian I believe in miracles.� Miracles individually and collectively.� Nothing is impossible for God.� God may directly touch me and I may live a few more years with you.� He may work marvelously through physicians and make miracles take place.

Be in peace!� Do your best.� Let the will of God be done.

Au revoir!
Gerard Jean-Juste

Thanks, Brian

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