Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti

Frere Jean-Juste Easter Message

Miami, Florida USA

Dear Friends:

Happy Easter to my Christian friends and Happy Holy Days to my Jewish friends.
I write you from the hospital.� I have been here for a week getting chemotherapy treatments.� I hope to have the last treatment of this cycle today and be allowed to visit with my family for Easter.� There will be more cycles to come.� For many months I have shared my life with� prisoners.� I now share the life of a patient.

This time of year reminds us that behind every struggle is certain victory.� I am quite certain that this is true.� As Jesus struggled through suffering and death and shared a risen life with God, so too all of our struggles will result in victory.

At St. Claire’s everything is fine.� There is a temporary administrator helping the parish in my
absence but all the social programs continue with no problems at all.
In Port au Prince there is more hunger than ever.� Thanks to the What If? Foundation and Margaret Trost, we continue the feeding program at St. Claire’s five days every week giving hundreds of meals each time to the most hungry.

We have great hope that once President Preval takes office that jobs will come and people will be able to be self-sufficient and feed themselves.� In the meantime, we will continue to share food with those in need.

At this time of year we share in the risen life of God Almighty.� I wish each of you life and liberty. Again, Happy Easter and Happy Holy Days.

Fr. Gerry Jean-Juste

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