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Mother’s Day Message from Fr. Jean Juste

Dear Friends,
It is Mothers’ Day this week-end. I can’t stop
thinking of all of you.
You have been so great to me. You have prayed for me
and the other political prisoners. You have marched
for us. You have written letters for us. You have sent
email for us. You have called some key legislators for
us. You have put pressure on some governmental
institutions for us. You have suffered with us. We
suffer with you too, especially those of you, victims
of hurricanes and tornadoes.
You have sent some money to legal and charitable
institutions for us.
Love is your name. Kindness is your name.Persistancy
is your name. Sharing is part of your heart. Strength
is the food of your spirit. Your blood flows for us. I
can say on and on. But you need your time to
Remember that on behalf of all the political
prisoners, I want to wish you and all the Moms,
particularly those of you, members of Amnesty

With God’s blessings, Keep sharing life with HUMANITY!
Great Love for each of you!

Best Regards,
Gerard Jean-Juste

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