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Press Release: ANSWER THE CALL, Haiti Solidarity Day

Press Release: ANSWER THE CALL

The 2006 Haiti Resolution
ANSWER THE CALL: Help protect the Feb. 7, 2006 Haitian vote

Whereas, pro-democracy, peace and human rights advocates around the world have answered the Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network’s (HLLN) call to let Haitians worldwide know “Ayisyen: You are not alone! We shall fly Dessalines’ blue and red liberating colors until Haiti is free! and support the resistance inside and outside of Haiti to the U.S./Canada/France- backed bicentennial Coup D’etat and foreign occupation of Haiti until the Feb. 7th vote is fully respected and Haiti is free of foreign armies, dominance, dependency and neoliberalist interventions” (The “FreeHaitiMovement” );

Whereas, pro-democracy, peace and human rights advocates worldwide support the FreeHaitiMovement and stand in solidarity with the people of Haiti against Coup d’etats, de facto or any sort of international protectorate and foreign occupation of Haiti and commit to denounce any attempt to vilify and pressure President Rene Preval in order to control Haiti’s pro-democracy majority and render the February 7, 2006 vote simply an opinion poll;

Whereas, members of the majority poor in Haiti are being systematically marginalized and excluded from participating in their own countries decisions, governance and are facing the absolute oppression of the the coup d�etat orchestrators and implementers, in that, since February 29, 2004 over 20,000 Haitians have been killed, today there are over 4,000 Haitian prisoners indefinitely detained, with only 10% convicted of any crime. And those in Fanmi Lavalas, President Jean-Bertrand Aristide’s party, who are not in prison or exiled, are now dead or forced into hiding as internal refugees in Haiti;

Whereas, together, with the help of friends-in-solidarity with Haiti�s freedom struggle, we Haitians at HLLN are exposing the coup d’etat sponsors� financial colonialism and empowering all self-actualizing Haitians ultimately and peacefully making irrelevant and intolerably unseemly the patriarchy of the Western countries – these international �saviors� with all their heavy weapons, callous cruelties, fraudulent machinations, powerful mainstream medias, international financings, political and corrupt diplomatic powers, whose moral poverty and collective illegal and criminal international interventions in Haiti, has historically been and still is, defenseless Haiti�s greatest deficit;

Whereas, the sacrilege of the 2004 bicentennial coup, (see 2005 Haiti Resolution) shall be remembered as Africans and friends-in-solidarity with Haiti’s freedom fighters worldwide commit to fax, call-in and deliver to the French, Canadian and US Embassies and Consulates worldwide, the people of Haiti’s demand that France, Canada, the US and the international community respect Haitian sovereignty, stop inflicting Haiti with their traditional “benevolence,” racism, patriarchy and incessant corrupt intervention in Haiti’s affairs, through foreign “aid” and debt. For, it’s the INTERNATIONAL EFFORT that has brought Haiti where it stands today;

Whereas, Africans and friends of Haiti worldwide shall deliver to the French and US Embassies and Consulates worldwide, a letter, on or before May 18, 2006, demanding that France pays back the 22 Billion dollars and the US pay back the (1914 to 1947) additional portion of that original illegal slave-trade debt the US also extorted from Haiti with its “refinancing” of this illegal blood debt (enforced, through a 19-year U.S. occupation), the final payment made in 1947 to the United States, after Haiti’s people had broken, in combat, the chains of racial slavery to win their independence;

Now therefore, the undersigned pro-democracy advocates hereby present this 8-points Haiti Resolution to the world as articulated by HLLN and endorsed by the grassroots/pro-democracy base and community leaders of Haiti’s poor majority and the sponsors of the FreeHaitiMovement:

Be it resolved, all who stand in solidarity with the people of Haiti and wish to join the FreeHaitiMovement may adopt the following “8-Points Haiti Resolution” or its equivalent, and commit to use best efforts to support and demand:

1. A stop to the killings, rapes, arbitrary arrests and political
persecutions in Haiti;

2. Respect for the Feb. 7, 2006 vote and Constitutional rule;

3. Support the people of Haiti’s call for the authorities to progress with all deliberate speed to sit a free and duly elected Haitian Legislature, set a date firm for the inauguration of President Rene Preval, and to stop further pressures from the

international community, mass media that would negate the Feb. 7, 2006 people’s mandate by vilifying President Rene Preval or pressuring his government and team into International Financial Institution (IFIs) compromises and giving seats, power or unmerited positions to the losers of the Feb. 7th elections;

4. Release of all political prisoners before Preval’s inauguration;

5. The disarmament, prosecution and bringing the death squads, ex-military, paramilitaries, renegade police and coup d’etat orchestrators to justice; support the equal application of the UN’s Demobilization, Disarmament and Reintegration program to the people in the poor neighborhoods such as Bel Air, Site Soley, Solino, Gran Ravin, Martisan, et al, but with Haitian-led and designed social programs and without remobilizing the former military or reconstituting well known human rights violators or coup detat enforcers into the police force.

6. The demilitarization of the Haitian police and UN peacekeepers, promoting not any army on Haitian soil, foreign or domestic, but community-based policing; community-focused UN and Haitian police work and training and the banning of UN tanks, heavy weapons, equipments and all small arms exports to Haiti;

7. A stop to deportations and that temporary protected status be given to fleeing Haitian refugees;

8. Support the calls by CARICOM, OAS, African Union, Congressional Black Caucus for investigations into foreign powers’ role in the 2004 coup d’etat; and the call by HLLN for investigation into the role of UN/MINUSTHA, OAS, IFES, NED, Haiti Democracy Project (HDP), US Embassy, Group 184, CEP and the de facto authorities, et al, in electoral fraud to dilute* the Feb. 7, 2006 people’s vote, including HLLN’s call to prevent further fraud in the second Legislative rounds.

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