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October 10, 2006
Update:  Sorry for not sending out an alert last week, IJDH was on vacation.  The last two weeks have been slow for human rights news: no releases of political prisoners or progress in prosecuting the murder of Esterne Bruner or any of the other victims of political killings over the last three years. It is likely that a decision in the case of political prisoner Rene Civil will be issued this week, and preliminary reports indicate that he will be formally charged.The Haiti Debt Relief Resolution, in the U.S. House of Representatives reached 65 co-sponsors, which was not enough to attain a vote. The House is currently in recess for the November 7 elections. The bill’s sponsors will decide in the next month whether to try to reach a vote in this Congress’ final session in November, or wait for the new legislature in January.Coming Events:  From October 16 – November 15 , the Jubilee USA Network 2006 Global Connections Speaking Tour will speak about fighting the debt burdens of Haiti and other poor countries, in Western Pennsylvania, Columbus, Indianapolis, Chicago, Louisville, Lexington, Denver, Pocatello, Idaho Falls and Salt Lake City. October 17 is the 200 year anniversary of the assassination of Jean-Jacques Dessalines, Haiti’s first President.  On October 22, 2006 , the National Association of Haitians Living Abroad will commemorate the anniversary in Providence, Rhode Island.  We will post any other Dessalines commemoration notices we receive on the Human Rights Calendar section of On October 28, 2006 , Alternative Chance, a program for people in Haiti deported from the U.S., will hold its Awards & Fundraising Dinner in New York.This week’s action:  Please take a few minutes to read the Annual Report for IJDH’second year (April 1, 2005- March 31, 2006) now available on our website. The report discusses the work of IJDH and of our Haitian affiliate, the Bureau des Avocats Internationaux (BAI) in the broader context of the fight for justice in Haiti. Dr. Paul Farmer’s introduction eloquently explains why we all need to care about Haiti.BAI and IJDH are proud of what we have accomplished in the last two years, but we are proudest of how we accomplished it: by accompanying the courageous and tenacious Haitian grassroots democracy activists with whom we have had the privilege to work. It has also been a privilege to collaborate with so many people and organizations throughout the world- law schools, solidarity and human rights organizations, interns, volunteers and activists. Of course, none of this work would have been possible without the generosity of IJDH’s donors. We express our deep thanks to all who supported us last year, and ask everyone who appreciates our work to consider helping to keep us going.

Tax deductible contributions can be mailed to IJDH, PO Box 745, Joseph, OR, 97846, or made on our website. We would be happy to mail hard copies of our Annual Report upon request. ____________________________________________________________________________________ For more information about the Half-Hour for Haiti Program, the Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti, or human rights in Haiti, see To receive Half-Hour for Haiti Action Alerts once per  week, send an email to Tax-deductible contributions to support IJDH’s work can be made on the website, or sent to IJDH, PO Box 745, Joseph, OR 97846.

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