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Half-Hour for Haiti: Vote to Make America Safe for Democracy in Haiti

October 31, 2006

Half-Hour for Haiti: Vote to Make America Safe for Democracy in Haiti

Last week’s mobilization for political prisoners was an organizational success, although it has not yet sprung any political prisoners. In addition to the Open Letter to the Minister of Justice and our letters, the Haitian groups organized demonstrations at the Ministry of Justice, the Prime Ministers office and the St. Marc courthouse (see mobilization photos).

Announcing the new Haiti JusticeBlog: IJDH has launched a  blog designed to generate discussion about justice in Haiti, and especially what people outside the country can do to help. It is also a way of getting breaking news and action alerts out faster. Please visit the blog by clicking here or going to Add a comment to let us know what you think, or how we can improve the site. Even better, subscribe to blog updates (simply type in your email address in the box at the bottom of the right column), and place a link to the Haiti JusticeBlog from your website or blog.

Coming Attractions: There are many good events coming up: November 8 in Albany, New York:  Haiti After Mountains Beyond Mountains/Aristide and the Endless Revolution (film and discussion); Jubilee USA’s Drop the Debt, Invest in people! speaking tour: Indianapolis and Fort Wayne:,November 3-7, Chicago: November 8-11; the School of the Americas Watch Journey for Justice Caravan:  California-Arizona-Texas- Louisiana –Georgia, November 3-17.

This Week’s Alert: Half-Hour for Haiti members not registered to vote in the U.S. have the week off (to spend more time on the Haiti Justiceblog). For the rest of us: every time I speak about Haiti in the U.S., someone asks “why does the U.S. pick on Haiti?”  There are many good ways to answer the question, none completely satisfactory. But the best answer from now through November 7 is “because people of good faith in the U.S. allow their government to conduct a foreign policy that violates fundamental American notions of fairness and justice.”

Help make the U.S. safe for democracy in the world by voting in next Tuesday’s elections, and making international justice one of the most important criteria for determining who will represent you in Congress. Your vote can make a difference for the billions of people worldwide affected by U.S. foreign policy.  Consider whether your Representative is a Cosponsor of HR 888, the Haiti Debt Relief Act, or stood up to demand freedom for political prisoner Fr. Gerard Jean-Juste. Visit the Congressional ratings page that grades legislators based on key votes regarding war and peace. Talk about the candidates’ stands on international justice issues with members of your solidarity, peace or church group. Make sure everyone in your network who cares about justice votes. ____________________________________________________________________
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