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Preparations for Local and Municipal Elections, AHP November 30, 2006

Local and municipal elections: the first simulation session is held at the tabulation center and final touches are being made to the preparations �

Port-au-Prince, November 29, 2006 (AHP)- The Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) carried out an initial simulation trial at the vote tabulation center Wednesday with the principles most concerned in the December 3 elections. �

�CEP President Max Mathurin said these simulations are designed to provide demonstrations of the handling of official election reports and of the effectiveness of the procedures that are being utilized. �

Additional simulations will be conducted with government officials, diplomats, and representatives of political parties.

He invited the public to turn out massively at the polls next Sunday. �

Max Mathurin also reported that the electoral council is working with MINUSTAH to put the finishing touches on the preparations to facilitate the smooth running of the elections. �

“All appropriate steps have been taken to assure the distribution of election materials to every polling station and office and training sessions have been held for officials responsible for these polling places. �

The initial results of the elections will be known in mid-December, Mr. Mathurin announced. �

The CEP president also made some clarifications regarding the protest action by several dozen election security guards who are asking for payment of several months of per diems they say are owed to them. �

According to Mr. Mathurin, the contracts signed with several of the guards were terminated last May due to a lack of funds. Only 3,000 of the 4,000 security agents who worked during the presidential and legislative elections were retained for the coming elections, he explained. �

He rejected statements made by some of the guards who claimed that the CEP had promised them that they would be integrated into the national police after the elections. �

“Such a decision could only be taken by the police”, he said.�

At the same time, candidates from various political parties proceeded to close the polling station in the commune of Beaumont, in the Grande-Anse Department. �

According to these candidates, the workers at this voting facility are working for the Fusion Party.

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