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Ruling on La Scierie case expected early December, AHP, November 30, 2006

A ruling on the case of the alleged massacre at La Scierie should be made public in early December, according to the chief judge of the Court of Appeals of Gona�ves

Gona�ves, November 30, 2006� (AHP)- The president of the Court of Appeals of Gona�ves, Judge Yves Saint Pierre, announced Wednesday that the ruling on the case of the alleged massacre at La Scierie will be published in early December. �

Shortly before the sudden departure of President Aristide on February 29, 2004, conflicts broke out at La Scierie, a hamlet of Saint-Marc, between members of two populist organizations, Bale Wouze and RAMICOSM, over control of the port of Saint-Marc. �

Four or five individuals were reportedly killed in total for the two sides. �

However, after the departure of President Aristide, sectors reputed to be close to the new regime denounced what they called a genocide. They later described it as a massacre.�

According to the presiding judge of the Gona�ves appeals court, the reason why it has taken so long to issue the ruling is because of the importance of the case. �

“We took a long time, but the results will be satisfactory and equitable”, said Judge St-Pierre.

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