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Civilians killed by UN sponsored “peace keeping” forces in Haiti

by Wadner Pierre, Global Research
February 10, 2007

Sisters killed by MINUSTAH in Haiti

On Thursday February 1, 2006 MINUSTAH soldiers launched a two day assault on the Boston district of Cite Soleil. A Boston resident, father of two children killed by MINUSTAH during the assault, was asked why he thought MINUSTAH had come into his neighborhood.

“I do not know why. I am Mercius Lubin. My wife is called Marie Danielle Remy and my young girls killed by the Soldiers of the MINUTAH are called Alexandra Lubin and St�phanie Lubin. It is the noise of MINUSTAH’s fire that awoke us. I saw that I was wounded in one of my arms. My wife in one of her feet and my two young girls were bathed in their own blood.

We do not know anything. We have no business with the soldiers. Why do they all want to kill us? I lost my two daughters. The children, they represented the only hope for my wife and I. I ask for justice for my young girls, for my wife and for me.”

Another resident, a young man named Mackenson, remarked: “We do not want the war, but peace. Too many have died among us. On December 22, in Bois Neuf the UN hid the deaths of scores of our brothers. We are neither gangsters nor kidnappers, but peaceful people. We want MINUSTAH to leave without condition and the return of President Tidid.” “Tidid” is an epithet that supporters give to their former president Jean Bertrand Aristide.

A young woman named Adeline said “We know why they all want to kill us.

It is becasue they know we want MIUSTAH out. That is why they wage war on us.”

Another young resident named Luckman added sarcastically “We give big a thank you to the soldiers of the MINUSTAH for their gifts here and at Bois Neuf. They can leave now, thank you.”

A young girl by the name of Louisma said “MINUSTAH will leave. We will gain control over our streets peacefully. If Tidid were here he would say a word and to help wipe away our tears.” MINSTAH soldiers use a school in the Boston district as one of their bases in Cite Soleil.

Thousands of poor Haitians have been killed since the illegal overthrow of democracy in February 2004.

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