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IJDH’s Brian Concannon on Saturday’s The Steve Lendman News and Information Hour

Ijdh_fundraiser_nyc_may_2007_64aDate: Saturday, August 11
Time: Noon US central time
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About this week’s guest: Brian Concannon is a distinguished human rights lawyer and Director of the�Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti. IJDH’s purpose and goals are noble and far-reaching. It “works with grassroots groups in Haiti to develop an effective human rights advocacy program with global outreach.”


It’s also active with grassroots organizations in the US as well as with Haitian Diaspora activists
throughout the world promoting human rights in Haiti for the millions there long denied theirs for 500
years with only fleeting periods of relief throughout them.

Haiti is now an occupied country. Under US direction, it’s controlled by thuggish UN Blue Helmet
“peacekeeper” paramilitary forces following the Bush administration’s coup d’etat against democratically
elected Jean-Bertrand Aristide. He’s now living in forced exile in South Africa in its aftermath.
IJDH documents and disseminates accurate information on current conditions in Haiti and the appalling human rights violations being committed against its long-suffering people. It’s also active in pursuing
legal claims for the victims in national and international courts.

The discussion will focus on events in Haiti today and the horrendous conditions Haitians are forced to live under. None of this is reported in the US corporate media but will be discussed thoroughly on August 11 with a distinguished man familiar with events on the ground and working daily to change them.

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