Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti

November 16, 2007

Rene Garcia Preval

President of Haiti

c/o Embassy of Haiti

2311 Massachusetts Avenue, NW

Washington, DC� 20008

Your Excellency:

I am deeply concerned about the disappearance of Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine, a

prominent human rights advocate and community activist in Haiti.� I urge you to use your

influence to ensure a thorough investigation of his disappearance and take appropriate

action to ensure his safe return to his family.

As you may know, Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine is the Co-Founder and National

Coordinator of the September 30th Foundation (FTS), a human rights organization in

Haiti that was formed after the 1991 coup d�etat.� He had reportedly announced his

intention to file as a Lavalas candidate for the next round of parliamentary elections in

Haiti.� He is admired and respected by numerous advocates of peace and justice for Haiti.

Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine was last seen on the evening of Sunday, August 12,

2007, after meeting with a U.S. human rights delegation visiting Haiti.� After his

disappearance, his car was found abandoned and was taken to the Delmas 3 Police

Station in Port-au-Prince.� I have been informed that there was a ransom demand on

Tuesday, August 14.� However, the presumed kidnappers have not pursued the ransom

demand, and no further information is available regarding his fate.

I urge you to ensure that Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine�s kidnapping is thoroughly

investigated, determine if at all possible his whereabouts, and take appropriate action to

ensure his safe return to his family.



Maxine Waters

Member of Congress

cc:� The Hon. Janet A. Sanderson, U.S. Ambassador to Haiti


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