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Lovinsky Pierre Antoine is Still Missing

The fate of Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine, a human rights defender and former
coordinator of the 30 September Foundation remains unknown after he went
missing on 12 August 2007.

He is believed to have been abducted after he took his leave from an
American and Canadian delegation of human rights activists he was
accompanying during their visit to Haiti.

The vehicle that Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine was driving was found the day after in
the Delmas 10 area of metropolitan Port-au-Prince.
Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine is the co-founder and national coordinator of the 30
September Foundation. The Foundation is a grass-roots organization
regrouping survivors and relatives of victims of the military government of

The 30 September Foundation was named after the date of the 1991 military
coup thaFt toppled President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. At least 5,000 persons,
most of them Aristide and pro-democracy supporters, were killed during the
military regime between September 1991 and October 1994.

Ever since its creation in 1996, the Foundation members have carried out
weekly marches in central Port-au-Prince and several other Haitian towns
pressing for an end to the impunity prevailing for past human rights abuses
and for reparation for survivors and victims of the military coup.

The Foundation also campaigns for the total abolition of the Haitian army
through a reform of the Constitution. Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine played a key
role in organizing a country-wide tour of a photo-exhibition of victims of past
human rights abuses in Haiti during which thousands of signatures were
gathered in support of the Foundation�s petition for Constitutional reform.
Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine’s abduction was reportedly made to look like a
kidnapping for ransom. On Tuesday 14 August, the alleged abductors called
Pierre-Antoine�s family asking for a ransom of USD 300,000. However there
has been no further contact from the abductors.

Days before his abduction, Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine announced his intention
to stand as Senator in the elections initially scheduled for December 2007
under the banner of the Fanmi Lavalas Party, Jean-Bertrand Aristide�s party.
An investigation has reportedly been launched by the Anti-kidnapping unit at
the Central Directorate of the Judicial Police (Direction Centrale de la Police
Judiciaire, DCPJ). However, Amnesty International has received reports that
the authorities in charge of the investigation have not shown great resolve in
finding Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine.

Background information
Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine graduated in
psychology from the Haitian State University
and obtained further specialisation on child
psychology in Montreal, Canada. He has been
involved for several years as a grass-roots
community organizer, mainly working with
children. In the early 1990s, he co-founded
the Foundation for the Support of Children
(Fondsayon Kore Timoun Yo) for young street
children in Port-au-Prince, and a centre for
teenage mothers (Foyer pour M�res

In February 1995 he helped establish a
community-based rehabilitation project for
human rights victims, the Movement in
Support of the Victims of Organized Violence
(Mouvement d’Appui aux Victimes de
Violence Organis�e), MAPVIV which in Creole
means �I live�. MAPVIV embraced a multidimensional
approach for the rehabilitation of
the survivors of the military coup providing
mainly medical and psychological support,
assistance in seeking justice and socioeconomic
reintegration into the communities.

During the last presidency of Jean-Bertrand
Aristide, he was appointed General
Coordinator of the National Office on
Migration, position he held until February
2004. After Aristide was ousted in February
2004, he left Haiti into exile during the
transitional government and returned in

February 2006, after the election of PresidentRen� Garc�a Pr�val.
Objectives of the appeal
Establish the whereabouts of Lovinsky Pierre-
Antoine and bring the perpetrators of his
abduction to justice.

This action runs from 28 January to 30 April.
This appeal will be updated if relevant
information to the case is obtained by
Amnesty International or further action is

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