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Letter from Former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide to CEP, Confirming Mandate of Maryse Narcisse (English and French)

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Response to November 9, 2009 letter sent by the Provisional Electoral Council of
Haiti to Dr Jean-Bertrand Aristide

Dr Jean-Bertrand Aristide
Former President of the Republic of Haiti
National Representative of Fanmi Lavalas

Mr Gaillot Dorsinvil
President of the Provisional Electoral Council
Republic of Haiti

Mr Dorsinvil,

I salute you and thank you for the letter that you wrote to me dated 9 November 2009.

I would have been happy to participate in the meeting of 13 November, but unfortunately the notice was too short. The green-light from the Haitian government has not yet arrived here in South Africa; I will come for a future occasion.

In the meanwhile, I mandate Dr Maryse Narcisse to represent Fanmi Lavalas before the Provisional Electoral Council. She has the authority to register, for the post of deputy and senator, Fanmi Lavalas candidates who are prepared to participate in elections that are free, honest and democratic. She has the authority to speak with the Provisional Electoral Council in the name of Fanmi Lavalas until I return.

Mr Dorsinvil, when you deem it necessary, you can always write to me, as you did in your 9 of November letter.

I am happy to salute you again, and I hope that this time, this new Provisional Electoral Council will find the full and complete freedom to organize elections that are free, honest and democratic.

Every person is a human being.
Every person counts.
The vote of every person counts.

Dr Jean-Bertrand Aristide
18 November 2009
Pretoria, South Africa

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