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Haiti and Honduras: Two Countries, Two Coups, Two Stolen Elections

By The Haiti Action Committee

On December 16, 1990 the people of Haiti had their first ever free and fair democratic elections. This vote of the people swept Jean Bertrand Aristide to power. Stand with the people of Haiti as they protest his continued banishment from Haiti and the banning of his political party from legislative elections to be held in February 2010.

In an unprecedented victory for grassroots organizing, over 90% of Haitian people boycotted elections last summer after Fanmi Lavalas candidates were banned from running. Now, the Preval government at the behest of the US/UN occupation there has banned Fanmi Lavalas, the party of beloved President Aristide who was kidnapped by a US-backed coup in 2004, from running in legislative elections scheduled for February 2010. Ninety-eight of the 99 seats in the legislature’s Chamber of Deputies will be at stake in the February election, along with one third of the 30 member Senate.

The Honduran elections held by the coup government have been called a fraud by the Honduran people. Estimates from 52% to 65-70% of Honduran voters boycotted the election.  Latin American governments including Venezuela and Brazil called the elections illegal.

In a flip flop, the US State Department recognized the elections after first saying they would not recognize them unless President Zelaya was reinstated. Two days after the elections, the Honduran Congress announced it would not allow President Zelaya to serve out the rest of his term which ends in January.

Stand with the people of Honduras and Haiti at this critical time.  From Haiti and Honduras to Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine – Occupation is the Crime. Contact Bill Clinton the UN Special Envoy to Haiti.

United in our condemnation of the 2009 military coup in Honduras, we also condemn the 2004 coup in Haiti and the UN occupation at the behest of the US, France and Canada which carries on to this day. December 16 is the anniversary of the first free democratic election In Haiti which in 1990 brought Fanmi Lavalas and Aristide to power. We stand with the people of Haiti in their resolve to reestablish democracy in Haiti. We are registering strong objection to the decision to exclude the Lavalas party from upcoming elections scheduled for February 2010.

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