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International Crisis Group – New Report – Haiti: Stabilisation and Reconstruction after the Quake

Port-au-Prince/Bogotá/Brussels, 31 March 2010: As a critical strategy conference convenes today at the UN, a Haitian-owned and led process, based on broad consensus among Haitians and with resolute international support, is needed to build the country back better after the devastating earthquake. Haiti: Stabilisation and Reconstruction after the Quake,* the new report from the International Crisis Group, analyses how long-standing institutional and governance weaknesses, as well as deep poverty, compound the major humanitarian crisis. The situation could become very difficult to control if the security environment deteriorates further in the approaching rainy and hurricane seasons. Urgent action is required to maintain political and socio-economic stability and restore security and the rule of law so as to create an enabling environment for reconstruction. “To make reconstruction work, the process must uphold democracy, restore security and support rule of law”, says Bernice […]

Short-Term Recovery Effort for Haiti Seeks $3.8B From Int’l Donors

By NATHANIAL GRONEWOLD of Greenwire UNITED NATIONS — Haiti requested $3.8 billion in international donations today for an 18-month project aimed at jump-starting its recovery from a devastating January earthquake. Billions of dollars more will be needed over the next 10 years to facilitate what is shaping up to become the largest experiment in nation building ever attempted, according to a vision presented by the Haitian government and United Nations at a donors conference here. Haitian President René Préval presented the effort as an opportunity for international aid programs to end their habit of funding multiple, overlapping development projects that go nowhere and consolidate efforts into a single, coherent, traceable plan. His speech emphasized the importance of financing education for a generation of students who lost their schools and colleges in the Jan. 12 earthquake. “There’s also a need for […]

Haiti: Addressing Atrocities Following the Quake

By Suzan Song, Huffington Post By now, people are aware of the earthquake’s toll in Haiti. Two months later, the smell of dead bodies trapped under the rubble still lingers in the air, and food, water, and security barely exist. On top of this devastation is a second natural disaster that followed: girls and women, from 2 to 72 years old, are being raped in their make-shift shelters. Just as we assisted in the aftermath of the earthquake, we now need to assist in the aftermath of this new devastation. We do this by invigorating a policy already in place, called humanitarian parole, an immigration status that allows the most vulnerable to enter the U.S. for a temporary period of time, for an urgent, compelling reason such as life-threatening medical need, or to promote a significant public benefit. Consider Solange, […]

U.S. Immigration Policy on Haitian Migrants

Ruth Ellen Wasem, Congressional Research Service March 31, 2010 Immigration Policy

Donors Meet on Haiti Aid

NPR All Things Considered with Michele Norris and Adam Davidson Click here to listen Donors from around the world are meeting at the U.N. to discuss reconstruction aid for Haiti, which is seeking $3.8 billion in pledges to cover the next 18 months. It’s been more than two months since an earthquake killed more than 200,000 people and destroyed the country’s infrastucture. Transcript: ROBERT SIEGEL, host: From NPR News, this is ALL THINGS CONSIDERED. I’m Robert Siegel. MICHELE NORRIS, host: And I’m Michele Norris. At the U.N. today, international donors pledged more then $5 billion to help Haiti rebuild after Januarys earthquake. The quake killed more than 200,000 people and destroyed the country’s infrastructure. Adam Davidson of NPR’s Planet Money is at the donor conference, and he joins me now. Adam, $5 billion, is that more than what Haiti was […]

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