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Clinton Urges Aid Groups to Make Haiti Self-Sufficient

By Robin Caldwell

In his service as a special envoy to Haiti, former President Bill Clinton spoke to aids groups serving the earthquake-devastated country on Thursday. He asked groups to focus their energies on assistance that enables Haiti to become a self-sufficient nation.

“Every time we spend a dollar in Haiti from now on we have to ask ourselves, ‘Does this have a long-term return? Are we helping them become more self-sufficient? … Are we serious about working ourselves out of a job?’” Clinton said.

As a part of this request, Clinton asked the groups to designate 10% of their budgets to Haitian government salaries and employee training. The special United Nations envoy also asked that focus be given to communities and municipalities outside of Port-au-Prince, the capitol of Haiti, in order for the desecrated area to rebuild. And Clinton urged to hire local staffs and cooperate with local authorities in their relief efforts.

Former President Bill Clinton continued by asking relief agencies to utilize an online service that enables them to keep their donations and expenditures transparent.

Next week, a critical U.N. donors conference takes place, where Haitian officials are expected to ask for $11.5 billion to rebuild.

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