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UN Draws Weapons on Protest

Message from Mark Snyder of InterAction Ties and Haiti Response Coalition

I just witnessed a peaceful Haitian demonstration outside of the United Nations logistics base and saw UN peacekeepers discharging a weapon into the air and drawing a 9mm handgun on a unarmed crowd of protesters  The safety was off, I did not see if his finger was guarded (off the trigger, along the side of the weapon) Protesters had violence perpetrated against them by the UN and then the Haitian National Police. The riot gear was on, and tear gas on stand by. A UN Peacekeepers truck pushed 5 people into a deep ditch as it haphazardly drove through the crowd, which caused an bleeding wound on the head of a international journalist. One bottle was thrown towards the UN riot police from the direction of the protesters. The bottle did not break. So many cameras there, Stand by for the news, video, and photos. This one day after they renewed the mandate for the UN to remain in country. And this is an example of what they are here for, to prevent one of the most basic forms of Democratic expression, Protest, public gathering, and freedom of speech. Ask your news/media provider to show footage! Demand answers!

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