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Haiti Election: What’s Next?

The Current, CBC Radio

Nicole Phillips on The Current

Haitians await the initial results of an election held a week ago Sunday amidst chaos, confusion and outright anger. We talk to Michel “Sweet Mickey” Martelly, the man widely considered to be the front-runner to be Haiti’s next President.

It’s Tuesday, December 7th.

The results of Haiti’s controversial election are expected to be released today.

Currently, polls show a possible run-off between the top two candidates: misery and corruption….. Optimism withdrew from the race weeks ago.

This is The Current.

Haiti Elections – David Gutnick

The results of Haiti’s elections are expected today. Many Haitians aren’t anticipating a lot of positive change. There have been allegations of fraud, voter intimidation, a lack of ballots and legitimate voters lists. And a significant number of Haitians and international observers say the results are illegitimate and the election should be voided. Many believe there will be a run off between Michel ‘Sweet Micky” Martelly and Mirlande Manigat. David Gutnick tells us more from Port-au-Prince.

Haiti Election – Sweet Micky

One of the two candidates running to be Haiti’s next President is Michel Martelly. He is a 49-year-old pop singer who is better known as “Sweet Micky.” We reached him in the nation’s capitol.

Haiti Election – Nicole Phillips

Nicole Phillips is a lawyer with the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti. She was part of a team of unofficial election observers. And she believes the vote had so many problems that the results are illegitimate. We reached her in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Click HERE to listen to Nicole Phillips, IJDH Staff Attorney, on The Current.

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