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Fundraising Success Stories

Our sincerest thank you to our donors who have made creative and innovative contributions to our work.

Fanm Vanyan Colleen McLaughlin: Development and Strategic Planning

Development professional and community organizer, Colleen McLaughlin, has taken volunteering to a new level at IJDH. We call her our fanm vanyan or heroine.

Colleen first heard about IJDH after her cousin camped out at the BAI office as part of a medical team after the earthquake. The next day, Colleen emailed us, and asked how she could help. Two weeks later, she flew to San Francisco where she caught up with the IJDH/BAI team and jumped into work meetings. Four weeks later, Colleen had raised several thousand dollars and had met with the Director of a major aid agency to demand transparency and accountability following an IJDH action alert on the subject. Two months later, she travelled to Haiti as part of a delegation investigating rape and gender-based violence in the camps and working with women’s groups to plan collective action.

Colleen’s strategic advice and fundraising expertise, as well as her tireless spirit and ability to bring others on board has made IJDH a better organization in a few months. She has recruited family members and her colleague Kasia Paprocki of the Goldin Institute, who brings her own invaluable organizing experience and energy. This week, Colleen is speaking about IJDH’s work at a fundraiser and awareness-raising event in her hometown, Minneapolis.

Colleen says she has chosen to support us because: “IJDH and BAI are so much more than just lawyers. Real change is more than lawyers acting alone. Real change is finding leverage points and thinking about systems. Real change is community. Real change is having the people involved in the work. Real change is happening at IJDH and BAI.”

Alex Goodell: Website
University of Oregon student, Alex Goodell, inspired by a speech given by IJDH Director Brian Concannon, volunteered his time to create and design IJDH’s new and improved website.

Alex says, “It was such a pleasure working with such an energetic and devoted team and helping spread the word about the good work they do in Haiti.”

Laura Raymond & Audrey Bethel: Art Auction and Benefit Concert

In 2008, Laura Raymond and Audrey Bethel hosted a 3-day music and arts festival to raise awareness about Haiti and money for IJDH on Audrey’s family land in New Hampshire. They’ve made a couple trips to Haiti to buy directly from individual artists and a grassroots art cooperative. This spring, they plan to hold another art auction fundraiser in New York City to showcase the hand-picked collection of pieces they brought back in August. The events are aimed at highlighting IJDH and BAI’s work and talking about how people in the US can have an impact on US policy towards Haiti.

Laura says, “IJDH and BAI stand for ‘justice, not charity’ and their mission and work, as well as the artists we’ve met, has inspired my involvement in this budding project.”

Audrey says, “I love how the artwork we brought back gives people a chance to connect with Haitian culture on a very personal level.”

The Kelly Kids: Lemon-Aid Stand
During the Boston Marathon, some of IJDH’s youngest supporters held a “Lemon-Aid” stand, raising over $20!

The stand was organized by Jack Kelly, his brother Brian and several friends – including Liam Gamble, Nick Harper, Merritt and Travers Losert and Tucker Morgan – who all helped to make lemonade, signs and to set-up and staff the stand. Sister Meghan Kelly set up another stand. Pictured are Brian Kelly and Liam Gamble selling lemonade approximately half-way along the route.

Albie Mason: Bake Sales and More
8 year old, Albie Mason, raised nearly $200 by holding bake sales, a car wash and a raffle for a painting. Albie wrote us a note (PDF) saying “I hope this helps.” To that, we respond with a definitive yes, each little bit helps. As they say in Haiti, “piti piti n a rive” (little by little, we will arrive).

Chia-Chia Wang: Fundraising and Support for Human Right to Education Project
Chia-Chia, organizer with the American Friends Service Committee, is volunteering to develop educational materials and plan fundraising events for IJDH’s Human Right to Education Project. She volunteered in summer 2009 in Port-au-Prince during her “furlough” and says that she was inspired by Mario Joseph and other BAI staff and that she continues to be inspired by IJDH staff and their work.

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