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Show that Californians still care about earthquake victims in Haiti

Show that Californians still care about earthquake victims in Haiti.

Please urge Senator Boxer this week to support the recovery process and accountability in Haiti.

Urgent Action Needed

One in two Americans donated generously to earthquake recovery in Haiti, including Californians. Yet, in spite of the great response from the American people and the U.S. government, approximately 680,000 Haitians remain in camps eighteen months after the earthquake, living in conditions unfit for humans.

Nearly $1.9 billion of the $5 billion pledged for Haiti’s earthquake recovery has been spent, with an additional $2 billion committed, much of this coming from the U.S.  Haitians living in camps have seen little if any progress and want to know where all the aid money is going. There must be more accountability and transparency in the effective use of relief aid in Haiti.

In May 2011, California Congresswoman Barbara Lee sponsored H.R. 1016 to measure the U.S. government’s Haiti aid efforts. The bill passed with unanimous consent in the House and is currently pending review in the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.

Please urge Senator Barbara Boxer to support this bill in the Senate. The bill, at no additional cost to the American taxpayer, requires President Obama to report on the status of post-earthquake humanitarian, reconstruction and development efforts in Haiti as well as on-going U.S. government programs.  USAID and the U.S. Special Coordinator for Haiti will be required to assess progress in the following areas:

  • The protection of vulnerable populations, including internally displaced women, children, the elderly and persons with disabilities;
  • The improvement of water, sanitation and access to emergency healthcare;
  • U.S. and international engagement with Haitian ministries, local authorities, and Haitian citizens;
  • The overall progress of relief, recovery, and reconstruction in Haiti;
  • The extent to which U.S. efforts are in line with local priorities;
  • Coordination among U.S. government agencies, U.N. agencies, and other international institutions;
  • Mechanisms for communicating the progress of recovery and reconstruction to Haitian citizens;
  • The participation of Haitian grassroots groups, civil society networks and the Haitian Diaspora in recovery and reconstruction efforts.

This bill is a way for Senator Boxer and Californians to help Haitians by bringing accountability in the use of tax dollars currently being spent on aid efforts.


Please call Senator Boxer by Friday July 22 and urge her to support a Senate version of H.R. 1016.

To call:

1. Call Senator Boxer’s office at 202–224‑3553 and select the option to leave a comment or speak to a staffer.

2. Whether you speak to the staffer in per­son, or just leave a mes­sage, here’s what to say:

“My name is ___________ and I am a resident of California.  I am call­ing to urge Senator Boxer to use her leadership to garner support for a Senate version of H.R. 1016 calling for progress in Haiti through more accountability in aid efforts.

4. If you are speak­ing to the staff per­son be sure to thank them for their time and ask whether they think that the Senator will support this bill.

In just few min­utes, you can help support progress in Haiti by bringing more accountability! Thank you for your time and help.

Thank you for your time and help.

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