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PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti ( – On December 14, 2011, the National Network for the Defense of Human Rights (RNDDH) received in its office, a complaint alleging an incident in which three (3) Haitian citizens were brutally beaten by officers of the Mission United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH).

Given the gravity of the facts advanced by the above individuals and the many different injuries and bruises seen on the body of the latter, the RNDDH decided to undertake an investigation in order to learn more about the incident. RNDDH also proposes there to share with everyone interested in the question, are the conclusions of its investigations.

Methodology: As part of this investigation, RNDDH, after obtaining the first information of individuals abused, visited the scene and spoke with:Members of the public;Witnesses-part of the incident;The Justice of the Peace Court of Peace of Cite Soleil, Léonel Marcelus; A patrol of MINUSTAH.

The facts: On December 13, 2011 in the afternoon, Joseph and Abel JOSEPH GILBERT, aged respectively twenty-nine (29) and twenty (20) years boarded a water delivery truck registered ZA 08937. They came to ensure delivery in Cite Soleil, an area known as Old Fort Sunday, when the truck broke down.

At dusk and after many attempts to repair the truck, they realized they had to leave the car there. They decided to stay on site in order to secure the truck and the equipment attached thereto. Armos BAZILE, whose uncle is a client of Joseph GILBERT, joined them about 10 h00 in the evening to spend the night with them. It is aged nineteen (19) years.

It was around three (3) in the morning when agents of Brazilian contingent of MINUSTAH, in a routine patrol, passed near the truck. After having passed the patrol stopped his vehicle and the soldiers walked back up to the individuals listed above. Came to them, these soldiers arrested them without any explanation. They forced them to empty their pockets, applied to the sum of four thousand five hundred (4500) gourds representing the amount of three (3) trucks of water delivered during the day and a phone number belonging to Gilbert JOSEPH 39350529.

MINUSTAH officers also seized the license of Gilbert Joseph and the national identification cards, two (2) companions of the latter before taking them to the courtyard of the Joint Educational Institution of La Saline, a school which the court is used by the inhabitants of the area to dry clay.

For kicks and punches, Gilbert Joseph, Abel and Joseph Armos BAZILE were tortured in the courtyard of the Joint Educational Institution of La Saline.

Victims deal with their bodies, visible signs of physical abuse. They were beaten to the point where they can not sit.

Witnesses, after hearing the cries of the victims who called for help, went out onto the courtyard of the institution above and claimed MINUSTAH officers that the three (3) individuals that they were beating to death are regulars in the area, known to all.

Offended by this intervention and to prevent similar intrusions, MINUSTAH officials forced the victims back into their vehicle and took them on Route 9, in a banana plantation, not far from Wells Brant. Some members of the population met at the scene, the vehicle of MINUSTAH involved in this incident is registered 24,775 A, and according to others, it is registered A 24757.

Arriving on Highway 9, UN officials have stripped victims and still violently abused. This time, added to the kicks, a staff of MINUSTAH, with a machete, beat the victims. They used their clothes to make a fire before deciding to abandon them altogether.

The incident occurred on Route 9, on the night of 13 to 14 December 2011, results have always shown contempt of MINUSTAH officials who, upon their arrival in Haiti, have shown in their true light: beings barbaric, violent, acting without respect for human rights.

Indeed, officials of MINUSTAH continue to be involved in serious wrongdoing such as theft, rape, gang rape, physical abuse, sexual exploitation, murder, sodomy, beatings, etc.. Despite the fact that many victims have complained they never got justice and reparation. Consequently, today, for more of them, MINUSTAH is emerging as a force above the law, which benefits from the passivity and permissiveness of the United Nations (UN). It is amazing that despite the growing hostility of the population vis-à-vis the UN Mission, MINUSTAH officials continue to engage in acts of flagrant violations of human rights instead of trying to regain confidence Haitians.

Comments and Recommendations: RNDDH condemns the involvement of officials of MINUSTAH in an additional act of violation of human rights.

Moreover, no provision is made by the Security Council of the United Nations to bring the authorities of contributing countries of the UN force to severely punish their nationals complained of and the harm caused to victims by officers.

Haiti’s population does not want to continue to heal the wounds, after the bodies and try to restore the confidence of boys, girls and women victims of rape officials of MINUSTAH.

Faced with this cascade of human rights violations, RNDDH recommends that the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) and officials of MINUSTAH to:

Conduct an investigation to bring out the light around all incidents involving staff of MINUSTAH;

Take appropriate sanctions against any officials of MINUSTAH involved in acts of violation of human rights;

Make every effort to regain control of MINUSTAH troops.

RNDDH condemns the involvement of officials of MINUSTAH in an additional act of violation of human rights.

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