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Make a difference this holiday season by donating to receive IJDH/BAI holiday decorations!


This hol­i­day sea­son, the Insti­tute for Jus­tice & Democ­racy in Haiti (IJDH) and our Hait­ian affil­i­ate, the Bureau des Avo­cats Inter­na­tionaux (BAI) are asking our supports to help promote peace, prosperity and justice in Haiti! Over the last year, IJDH/BAI’s staff, volunteers and interns have worked long hours with scarce resources because we have seen hope in Haiti. We are doing everything we can to raise money to support our programs moving into the next year — but now we need your help to keep the hope in Haiti alive!

We are asking our supporters to consider one of two options:

  • Donate to receive our holiday decorationsBy donating today (donation amount at donor discretion) to receive one or more of our holiday decorations, you can help IJDH continue its fight to promote justice and prosperity in Haiti. Each donation made to receive one of our holiday decorations will go to support a different area of our work: women’s rights, housing rights, legal advocacy, international advocacy, fair trials and freeing the unjustly detained. You can learn more about these different project areas by reading below; or
  • Volunteer to sell our holiday decorations: By volunteering to sell our holiday decorations, you can help IJDH broaden the movement for justice in Haiti. To learn more about this opportunity, click here.

Donate today to receive holiday decorations

Holiday Decoration Options

Women’s Rights | Housing Rights | Legal Advocacy 
International Advocacy 
| Fair Trials | Brothers and Sisters


Women’s Rights:

IJDH and the BAI are working to empower Haiti’s women to fight the discrimination that keeps them, and their children, poor and vulnerable. We support grassroots groups at the forefront of the women’s rights movement, fight the widespread rape that traumatizes and intimidates women, bring grassroots women’s voices to the world, and train women lawyers and paralegals. Breaking the cycle of discrimination opens opportunities for women to learn and earn their way out of poverty and contribute to a more stable and prosperous Haiti.

By donating to receive these decorations, you are helping to sustain these critical aspects of IJDH’s women’s rights work.

Housing Rights:

Since the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, government officials and purported landlords have illegally evicted tens of thousands of earthquake survivors from Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps, leaving them with nowhere to go in a city overrun by cholera. IJDH and the BAI continue to lead the fight against these evictions in international and Haitian courts, in the media, on the streets and in the camps. In the last year alone, IJDH successfully protected over 3,200 families from illegal forced evictions and ended evictions in 8 out of 10 camps where IJDH/BAI provided training and legal representation. Today, IJDH/BAI continues to advocate for international pressure on the Haitian government to stop evictions in IDP camps and to provide adequate shelter for the displaced.

By donating to receive these decorations, you are helping IJDH fight against illegal forced evictions and protect all Haitians’ right to housing.

Legal Advocacy:

For 16 years, the BAI has used legal advocacy to enforce poor people’s rights, and to provide a foundation for fighting poverty and reducing vulnerability in Haiti. Legal advocacy combines traditional lawyering with organizing and public advocacy to empower poor people to help enforce their own rights.

By donating to receive these decorations, you can help IJDH and the BAI keep fighting for the rights of Haiti’s poor on the streets, in the courts, and wherever decisions about rights are made.

International Advocacy Decoration

International Advocacy:

Policymakers and citizens of the United States and other powerful countries need to hear the voices of ordinary Haitians so that our policies can truly support a more stable, prosperous and equitable Haiti. IJDH and the BAI have brought Haitians to the U.S. Congress, the UN Human Rights Council, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and to universities, lecture halls, churches and demonstrations throughout the world. We introduce journalists and delegations visiting Haiti to credible, committed grassroots activists, and serve as a vital link between grassroots organizations and programmatic, financial and political support abroad.

By donating to receive these decorations, you are helping IJDH and the BAI bring the voices of Haiti’s poor, and often neglected majority, to the centers of power.

Fair Trials:

After a one hour trial, with no lawyer and limited ability to speak in his own defense, twenty-three year old Fragil was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. IJDH and the BAI free unjustly held prisoners while working for system-wide improvements in the criminal justice system.

By donating to receive these decorations, you are helping IJDH and the BAI advocate for fair trials and strengthen the rule of law in Haiti.

Brothers and Sisters:

“Yvon,” a 40 year-old farmer and father of three children, was working on his plot of land when he was arrested and thrown into prison. Another man claimed that he owns Yvon’s farmland, and had enough money to hire a lawyer who could arrange for a prosecutor to arrest Yvon. There was no court order, but this kind of abuse of the law is a common and effective way for larger landowners to deprive poor peasants of their only possession, their land. The BAI lawyers were able to secure Yvon’s release, but without our help, Yvon would most likely have spent at least six more months in prison.

“For I was hungry and you gave me food to eat, … I was a stranger and you invited me in, … I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.” Matthew 25:34-26

By donating to receive these decorations, you are helping IJDH and the BAI free the unjustly imprisoned.