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Had Enough of UN Impunity? Help IJDH and BAI Fight Back!

Had Enough of UN Impunity? Help IJDH and BAI Fight Back!

MINUSTAH, the United Nations peacekeeping mission in Haiti, has an outrageous impunity problem. Today it was announced that the 5 Uruguayan MINUSTAH soldiers caught on video raping a Haitian youth last summer were released. This incident follows a long pattern of injury and injustice. On December 14, UN soldiers from Brazil illegally arrested and brutally beat three men who were guarding their broken-down water truck in Cite Soleil. The cholera introduced to Haiti by MINUSTAH is now the world’s worst cholera epidemic, killing over 200 Haitians a month. None of these incidents have led to justice for the victims or punishment for the perpetrators.

Each of these outrages has followed a familiar pattern, established over the seven years of MINUSTAH’s presence. The UN first denies responsibility. When irrefutable proof of its responsibility is made public, MINUSTAH announces an investigation. The resulting investigations are usually flawed and delayed, and almost never result in a public attribution of responsibility or known punishment of the perpetrators.

The Bureau des Avocats Internationaux (BAI) and the Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti (IJDH) are fighting back against UN impunity, with a historic case filed on behalf of 5,000 cholera victims. Our case seeks compensation for our client’s losses, but more importantly it demands that the UN provide the water and medical infrastructure necessary to control the cholera epidemic.

The BAI-IJDH cholera case is a giant lever of justice that uses a modest investment in legal fees to force the UN to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in clean water and healthcare in Haiti. On a broader scale, our lever is helping to lift the impunity that allows UN Peacekeepers around the world to get away with rape, torture and even murder every day.

If you are outraged about the UN’s impunity, do something about it. Help IJDH and BAI to fight back.  

We try to keep our costs low, but we need to pay our staff salaries, buy gas to visit our clients in their remote homes, and certify documents. We cannot continue this case without your help!

For more information, including our complaint, press release, background materials on cholera and the media archives, see

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