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Kan Lycee Toussaint Protest Broken Up By Police Violence

Uploaded by msnyderiat, YouTube

Around 2am, March 12, 2012, Kan Lycee was engulfed by flames. Those organizing in the camp are very suspicious of arson. The following morning passed with no official response to the disaster and no contact with the victims. Two children died in the fire and many were injured. The displaced people of the camp staged a small protest to draw attention to their situation. They burned a tire. This fire finally drew the attention of the officials in the form of the Haitian National Police. They extinguished the tire. They then drew their weapons on the protestors and then charged at them. They targeted one vocal youth. The video is after he began to run and they chased him. He luckily got away. Witnessing the event, I do not know why he was singled out, but assume that it was to send a message. The IDPs protest grew, and the PNH responded in kind, bringing 6 armed officers to break up the crowd after the camera had left.

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