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“Our commitment to human rights” – an appeal from IJDH volunteers

Dear Friend,

IJDH volunteers often get asked why we donate our time. What is it about this organization that drives us to contribute our time, resources, and abilities when there are so many wonderful non-profits in the world and so many worthy causes?

First, let us tell you a little bit about ourselves. We are law school graduates who conduct critical research for legal cases, students juggling full course loads and part-time jobs, seasoned lawyers and young professionals who volunteer in addition to their full-time jobs, and parents spending time away from their families. We hail from countries around the world, currently including the US, Nepal, Canada, South Korea, and Haiti. We work together to support the 32 Haitian legal and support staff that make up the BAI team in Port-au-Prince.

Every now and then we pause to reflect on what brought together such a passionate, diversely talented group of people. It comes down to three factors: IJDH and BAI’s innovative collaboration is driven by Haitians; our work produces results; and our model is incredibly cost-effective. IJDH works on a shoestring budget and spends wisely to have the greatest impact on justice system reform in Haiti, and we are willing to give our time to help make that happen.

We are honored to be involved with IJDH, but we need your donation to continue this work. We are so appreciative of any support you can give.







P.S. Are you on a shoestring budget too? Your monthly gift of $5.00 will go far with IJDH. (Choose “Monthly” from the dropdown menu next to “Recurring”)

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