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Eviction Threats, Arson, Assault and Assassination in Camp Acra Adoken on April 15, 2013, by Defenders of the Oppressed (DOP)

Defenders of the Oppressed (DOP)
April 15, 2013

On Saturday, April 13, 2013 around 2:30 PM residents reported that the attorney Raynold Georges, Jean Claude Duvalier’s lawyer, arrived in the camp to claim his land. Judge Dimanche, a magistrate judge in the Delmas municipal court, accompanied Georges. Georges held a gun in his hand and warned residents that he would set the camp on fire or bulldoze it if they did not leave. It seems this threat soon became real. On Monday April 15, 2013, early in the morning before sunbreak, a fire broke out in the camp. The people in the camp woke to fight the fire and resist the threat. A delegation went to the Delmas 33 police station to ask for help, but police said they did not have the resources to go to the camp, which sits just a couple hundred feet away. Having been refused police assistance, the residents of Camp Acra decided to block the road to keep watch for their own safety and to protest the behavior of the Delmas 33 police. Although the police claimed they could not find the resources to help the people of Camp Acra put out the fire, they found the resources to come to the camp and harass residents.

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