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Why I Believe in IJDH’s Fight for Systemic Change

Dear Friend,

I believe in the work of BAI and IJDH so much that I just invested 8 months of my life as a volunteer Legal Fellow in Boston, 6,000 miles away from my home in Nepal. If you too believe in change and justice in Haiti, please consider a donation to help BAI and IJDH continue this noble fight.

I am a human rights lawyer from Nepal, a country like Haiti in terms of basic needs of their people, injustice and the need for rule of law. Working at IJDH allowed me not only to understand the similar problems faced by both countries but also gave me experiential and comparative learning about how a small non-profit could make a real impact at the grassroots level. I aim to apply my experiences with IJDH’s awesome team to contribute to the non-profit human rights sector here in Nepal.

For me, IJDH has been one of the best non-profits for which I have ever worked for so many reasons. The most prominent reason is that whatever it aims to do, IJDH does it with a conviction of achieving it. Although the IJDH team is very small, its members are so devoted to what they do. The cholera case, the biggest case ever filed against the United Nations, and filed for its injustice towards victims of cholera, is just an example. Before I started working at IJDH, I didn’t realize that IJDH’s fight for the cholera victims is not against the UN, but against its unjust practices in Haiti.

IJDH believes in structural change—change in good governance in Haiti—and justice—justice for Haitians. In order to transform these beliefs into a reality, developing a prosperous Haiti and ensuring justice for Haitians, IJDH needs supporting hands from all of us. It could be a small, but an important step towards making this world a better place to live in, for which we may pray as we are celebrating the coming holidays.


Alok Pokharel
Former IJDH Legal Fellow

P.S. This moving 1-minute video will show you why IJDH’s cholera work is so important.

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