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Norwegian Law School Uses Cholera Exam Question

Another addition to the movement for justice for Haiti’s cholera victims, a Norwegian law school featured an exam question on cholera last year. Students were given background on the epidemic and our case against the United Nations and asked to hypothetically advise the UN on their responsibility for cholera, legal consequences for waiving immunity, seeking reimbursement from Nepal, and establishing a standing claims commission. Part of the question is below.

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25 november 2013

JUS5540 – Public International Law
The language of examination for this course is English: students may answer in English ONLY, answers in any other language than English will be given a F (F for fail).

Please read the fact pattern and answer the questions referring to your readings, case law, normative instruments, and Annex. The Annex is composed of 1) The International Law Commission Draft Articles on the Responsibility of International Organization, 2) UN Resolution 52/247 on Third Party Liability, and 3) the UN Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the United Nations (1946). Good luck!

Three years ago, the United Nations assigned peacekeepers from Nepal to form a United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH). Haiti experienced a terrible earthquake and ten months later a cholera outbreak devastated the nation. Investigations led to the discovery that the Nepalese peacekeeper mission had a faulty sanitation system. This led to the contamination of a tributary that flows into Haiti’s largest river, the Artibonite (which is used by Haitians for washing and bathing). The contamination consisted of an Asian strain of bacteria which caused a severe cholera epidemic in Haiti. It is estimated that 8,300 Haitians died and over 650,000 became sick. It is expected that cholera will continue to kill ca. 1,000 Haitians per year. In response, Haiti and the Dominican Republic established the Initiative for the Elimination of Cholera in the Island of Hispaniola. The overall effort is estimated to require $2.2 billion over 10 years. The U.N. system provided $141.5 million toward this initiative as of December 2012, including $23.5 million from the U.N. itself.

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