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Big Step Towards Justice for Haiti’s Cholera Victims

The judge in the cholera case against the UN has granted oral arguments, set to take place October 23. This article gives a quick overview of cholera in Haiti and discusses why oral arguments are a big step towards justice for Haiti’s cholera victims.

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Will Haiti Cholera Victims See UN in Court?

Andrea Germanos, Common Dreams
October 2, 2014

A 2011 protest marking one year since the start of the cholera outbreak. (Photo: Ansel/cc/flickr)

It’s been almost four years since the cholera outbreak began in Haiti following the disastrous earthquake.

Since then, the disease—brought to the Caribbean nation by United Nations troops from Nepal—has claimed the lives of over 8,500 Haitians and sickened over 700,000.

But the victims’ journey towards justice took a positive step on Tuesday when Judge Oetken granted oral argument in the case. The court date is set for Oct. 23 in New York.

Haiti justice advocates are welcoming the development.

Brian Concannon, Executive Director of the Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti(IJDH), stated, “The Court’s decision to call a hearing shows that it is taking a serious look at the UN’s international law obligation to provide victims justice, as a precondition for asserting immunity. The hearing is also an excellent opportunity for discussing the UN’s compliance with its obligations, both in court and without.”


Click HERE for the full text.

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