Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti

3rd Annual NAHP Conference

Join NAHP at Harvard for their 3rd annual Diaspora conference.


Harvard University

Cambridge, MA


November 14-15, 2014


The purpose of this conference is to unpack the issues of Haiti and its Diaspora and all their subparts. Moreover, interrelated issues will be analyzed and focus will be placed on the areas of intersection. While focusing on the areas of intersection behaviors, attitudes, and practices amongst these two groupings will be evaluated in efforts to probe current interactions and challenge the status quo of these interplays. Aim is focused on examining whether interactions can be improved by exploring sustainable models and mechanism that are available and able to simultaneously unite and strengthen the Diaspora and Haiti. These models and mechanism include, but are not limited to, human capital, direct and indirect investments, increased use of technology, aggregate use of natural resources, and development of possible institutions which are Diaspora-centered constituting augmented coordinated and collaborative initiatives in the future that are all encompassing. Principal questions that will be explored at the conference include:

  • How is Haiti interacting with the Diaspora, mutatis mutandis?
  • How can Haiti better interact with its Diaspora?
  • How can the Diaspora better interact with Haiti?


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