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Georgette Delinois Speech at Cholera Interfaith Service

Below are remarks from Georgette Delinois, a board member of the Haiti Solidarity Network of the North East, at the interfaith prayer service for Haitian cholera victims.

Georgette Delinois
December 11, 2014

Ayibobo frem ak sem yo mwen salye nou e o non de komite ki organize tet kole sa e tout se n ak fre n ki victim maladi kolera a, map di nou mesi anpil pou kantite lanmou e kompasyon ke nou montre avek prezans nou la a Jodi a.

Yon ti mo pou zanmi Ameriken yo:
Good afternoon peace loving brothers and sisters; on behalf of the Committee that worked so hard to put today’s event together, and on behalf of my Haitian brothers and sisters, victims of the cholera epidemic in Haiti, I would like to welcome you for the level of compassion you’ve shown by your presence here this afternoon. I also hope that we will remain focused as to what brought us here this afternoon. We are here today because we believe an injustice was done to the people of Haiti after the cholera was introduced there by the MINUSTHA; We are here today because we believe that every single God’s creation matters; we are here today because we want to ask the UN to adequately address the issues that are associated with the cholera in Haiti; we are here to make sure that the world, our world is kept abreast of the “I don’t care” attitude of the UN vis-a-vis the Haitian people and Haiti; we are here today to publicly show our solidarity for our brothers and sisters, victims of the cholera, in Haiti and ask the UN in a peaceful, prayerful and yet firm way, to assume responsibility and make reparation for their negligence. It is indeed morally irresponsible for the UN to continue to ignore the cholera and the ills it has brought to Haiti, a country with a people that already has so many strikes against them. You would all agree w/ me that the UN’s I don’t care attitude is an inhuman, disrespectful, unjust, and morally wrong response and should not be accepted/tolerated by anyone. I would be remiss if I don’t give a special welcome to UN staff who disagree with and in fact support a more adequate and just response by the UN to the epidemic. Lastly we want to thank those individuals/organizations who are working to change the official policy and want you to know that we and the Haitian people are counting on your continued support for a just change.

Zanmi m yo, my dear friends I once more welcome and thank you for coming. I am also asking all of us to continue to pressure the UN to act morally and responsibly.
May God bless you all e kenbe fem.

By Georgette Delinois, LCSW (12/11/14)

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