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Haitian Family Reunification Will Soon Begin

After years of advocacy for its implementation, a limited version of the Haitian Family Reunification Parole Program (HRFPP) is set to begin on February 2, 2015. With that come scams and fees from people hoping to profit from applicants’ lack of familiarity with the regulations. To help prevent that, Senator Linda Dorcena Forry, a State Representative and 2 City Councillors met with  members of the Haitian community in Boston to teach them what to look out for. While we are excited about this first step to HFRPP, we will also keep fighting for full implementation of the program.

Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text.

Haitian community briefed on ‘Family Reunification’ process

Eliza Dewey, Dorchester Reporter
January 29, 2015

State Senator Linda Dorcena Forry spoke at a meeting last Thursday evening at Jubilee Christian Church in Mattapan. Photo courtesy Sen. Forry's office.

Five years after a catastrophic earthquake rocked Haiti, the ongoing impacts of the disaster were evident last Thursday night at an event in Mattapan designed to inform the community about a new federal program that will help an estimated 5,000 Haitians per year join their family members in the United States.

The event, held at the Jubilee Christian Church in Mattapan Square, was hosted by State Senator Linda Dorcena Forry in conjunction with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and the Mayor’s Office of New Bostonians. State Representative Dan Cullinane and City Councillors Tim McCarthy and Charles Yancey were also in attendance.

The program in focus, known as the Haitian Family Reunification Parole Program (HFRP Program), enables eligible Haitians who have already applied for an immigrant visa to the United States to spend the final two years of their waiting period in this country with their family. The HFRP program does not itself confer any legal immigration status to beneficiaries.

Application to the HFRP Program is by invitation only. Beginning on February 2, 2015, the Department of State’s National Visa Center (NVC) will begin sending out written invitations to American citizens and lawful permanent residents who are eligible to apply to the program on behalf of their relatives living in Haiti. Potential Haitian beneficiaries cannot apply for themselves.


Click HERE for the full text.

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