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Haitian Government Should Stand for Haitian-Descended Dominicans

Everyone knows that Haiti and the Dominican Republic have had a troubled history. This article focuses on what the Haitian government should have done, and should now be doing, to fight for the rights of Haitian-descended Dominicans. In September 2013, DR issued a ruling that stripped citizenship from hundreds of thousands of immigrants and their descendants. The Haitian government hasn’t done much to fight against it.

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Dominican Republic New Citizenship Law: A Litmus Test For The Haitian Government

Ed Gehy, The Haitian Times
February 20, 2015

HaitianTimesThe Haitian-Dominican problem did not start yesterday; thus no viable solution can be found overnight. Haiti shares the same island with Dominican Republic; but relations between the two countries have never been more strained in recent history than they are now.

A gruesome reminder of the Dominican inhuman treatment of Haitians came as recently as last week when a Haitian immigrant was found hung in a public park in the city of Santiago, north of Santo Domingo.

Modern day critics have a tendency to compare Haiti to its neighbor only based on Haiti’s current state of affairs. Such a way of thinking is factually misleading. Historical reports suggest that Haiti had a more developed economy than Santo Domingo when both countries were colonized by foreign powers.


Click HERE for the full text.

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