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World Bank Ignores Environmental Concerns in Haiti Mining

The World Bank recently refused a complaint filed by Haitians who are worried about the negative impacts of mining in Haiti. On top of the environmental risks Haiti already faces, including a cholera epidemic brought by UN peacekeepers, mining could cause irreparable damage. This article outlines some of the effects mining can have on Haiti, as well as an example of damage mining has done in El Salvador.

Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text.

World Bank mining ruling will only bring more pain to Haiti

Nathalie Baptiste, Latin Correspondent
March 4, 2015

Haiti Buried Treasure

In early February, in yet another blow to Haitian civil society, the World Bank refused to hear a complaint filed by the Justice Mining Collective on the revival of the mining sector in Haiti.

According to the World Bank, Haiti’s mining sector is constrained by “outdated legal framework, weak institutional capacity and widespread lack of information” about the sector among politicians and the public alike. Meanwhile, activists and community members that live in mining zones have consistently voiced complaints about the effects of mining, ranging from exploitation to environmental degradation.

The World Bank’s refusal to address these very real concerns about the environmental impacts of mining is a failure to acknowledge that Haiti is on the short list of countries that will be most affected by climate change.


Click HERE for the full text.

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