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Haiti Earthquake Aid Failures Airing on HBO

The major question that came up every year after Haiti’s earthquake is “Where did the money go?” Vice News is hoping to bring answers to the American public by airing a documentary on this question on HBO, April 24, 2015 at 11pm. The documentary looks at many failed US-backed projects in Haiti and why they failed, including circumventing Haitian organizations and lack of oversight.

Read part of the article below. Click HERE for the full text.

HBO to Air VICE’s “Haitian Money Pit” Tonight, and It Is Worth Watching

Rick Cohen, Nonprofit Quarterly
April 24, 2015

Haiti episode on VICE

When Vikram Gandhi presents tonight’s VICE News story on U.S. aid to Haiti—“Haitian Money Pit”—the story will have news both new and old.

The new news is that Gandhi names places and names where U.S. aid to Haiti was misused, abused, ripped off, and generally screwed up.

It’s about time that the American public learned firsthand, with poignant video, about the misguided direction and use of much of the charitable and governmental aid that went to help Haiti recover from the devastating earthquake that hit Port-au-Prince on January 12, 2010. The show, which will be aired on HBO at 11pm Eastern on Friday, hits on a variety of programs and practices that were inflicted on Haitians in the name of humanitarian relief and longer-term development assistance—some stupefyingly horrific, some darkly comic, including the following:

  • $10 billion in aid to Haiti that still hasn’t led to permanent housing or decent water and sewage systems, leading to Haiti’s suffering the largest modern outbreak of cholera in history. Seven hundred thousand people affected—and nearly 9,000 deaths—from a disease that’s preventable through providing people with clean drinking water. The problem of polluted water supplies causing cholera continues even today.


Click HERE for the full text.

Here’s a debrief of the episode, from Vice’s YouTube channel:

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