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Over 100k Haitian-Descended Dominicans at Risk of Deportation

In September 2013, a Dominican Republic Constitutional court issued a ruling that retroactively stripped citizenship from hundreds of thousands of Haitian descent. Many were shocked but many also recognized it as part of a long history of racism and discrimination against Haitians and their descendants in DR. After much international pressure, DR agreed to establish a regularization/naturalization program but it hasn’t been effective. Now over 100,000 Dominicans of Haitian descent are at risk of deportation.

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How a group of Dominicans were stripped of their nationality and now face expulsion to Haiti

Eve Hayes de Kalaf, The Conversation
April 8, 2015

Just because people feel that they are a national of a country does not mean the state necessarily agrees. While tourists flock to the Dominican Republic – the most visiteddestination in the Caribbean – few are aware of the struggle that tens of thousands of people are currently facing to prove their right to a Dominican nationality.

Born and raised in the country, many had the birth certificates, ID cards and passports to prove it. Yet the state is claiming that for over 80 years a bureaucratic mistake led them to issue this documentation. Those affected have been left stateless.

The DR shares an island with Haiti. For almost a century Haitians were a cheap source of labour for the sugar industry. As economic interests shifted, migrants and their descendants moved into different professions from construction to domestic labour. Tens of thousands settled in the country and had children. Their children had children.


Click HERE for the full text.

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