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Both Migrants and Dominican Nationals at Risk of Deportation

Two separate groups living in the Dominican Republic are at risk of deportations: first-generation migrants and Dominicans, born in the DR, of foreign descent. The Dominican government created a process for these individuals to apply for citizenship status or residency permits, although fewer than 9,000 were able to register prior to the deadline. Hundreds of thousands of individuals may now be forcibly deported from the DR, with no clear place to go.

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Dominican Republic has taken citizenship from up to 200,000 and is getting away with it

Eve Hayes de Kalaf, The Conversation

June 19, 2015

On June 17, the deadline ran out for undocumented Haitian migrants to register for official migrant status in the neighbouring Dominican Republic. The international media has been filled with reports from the Caribbean of an impending crisis in the DR, predicting that up to 500,000 Haitians and Dominicans of Haitian descent are now threatened with forcible removal.

The country’s vice minister of the interior has confirmed that those who have failed to register in time will be made to leave the country. The media has been speculating that mass deportations to Haiti will follow, though the government has been insisting it will act modestly.

What is in danger of being forgotten is that there are two distinct groups of people involved here. Although there is understandable concern for first-generation Haitians resident in the Dominican Republic, up to 200,000 people born and raised in the country who have always self-identified as Dominicans are now being told that they are Haitians and are at risk of forcible removal from the only place they call home (note that the government claims the numbers are far lower).

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