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Why so much sexual abuse by UN peacekeepers?

In recent months, the United Nations has come under fire more frequently for reports of sexual abuse and exploitation committed by peacekeepers. AIDS-Free World has begun the Code Blue campaign to fight the culture of impunity that has allowed this to happen so frequently. Below is an interview with one of the campaign organizers, Paula Donovan.

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When Peacekeepers Rape

Pooja Bhatia, Ozy

June 10, 2015

In principle, the United Nations is a benevolent body, devoted to peace, human rights and championing the vulnerable. The reality is different, according to Paula Donovan, who is engaged in a high-profile fight against peacekeeper sexual abuse and exploitation. In recent weeks, the organization she co-directs, AIDS-Free World, has leaked documents that suggest that the United Nations has sorely failed to live up to its policy of “zero tolerance” for peacekeeper abuse. In March, it leaked an expert report, commissioned in 2013, that described the U.N.’s widespread failure to report peacekeeper abuse and warned that it could be “the most significant risk to U.N. peacekeeping operations.” And last month, AIDS-Free World leaked internal reports describing the rape of young boys in the Central African Republic by French peacekeepers. The U.N. official who reported the allegations has been suspended.

Donovan spoke to OZY just before launching a campaign against abuse, Code Blue. An edited version of our conversation follows.


Why didn’t U.N. leadership make its expert report on sexual abuse public?

Paula Donovan:

I don’t know. One possibility is that the secretary-general didn’t know about it —

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