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Boston Activists Unite Against DR Deportations

Activists worldwide are uniting against the Dominican Republic (DR)’s recent decision to begin deporting those who didn’t meet a registration deadline. These activists include Dominicans themselves, and the Haitian community, both of whom are most affected by this decision. In a June 30th press conference, Boston politicians urged Americans to boycott the Dominican Republic until this decision is reversed, as tourism is a major part of DR’s budget. The article also includes a quote from IJDH legal intern Wesley Lainé, who spoke to people coming into Haiti at the border with DR.

Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text.

Deportations of noncitizens in Dominican Republic protested by activists in Boston

Laura Crimaldi, The Boston Globe

July 5, 2015

Beltha Desir was deported from the Dominican Republic on Saturday June 27th as she was walking with her 10-months-old daughter to prepare food at the field where her husband works.

In the Dominican Republic, which is best known to some for its beaches, the deportations of noncitizens have divided the Caribbean nation and left thousands of people stateless or seeking refuge in Haiti, where their ties may be tenuous or nonexistent.

But in Boston and other places across the country where people with ties to the Dominican Republic and Haiti have established sizable enclaves, the deportations have united people from both sides of the island in protest of what many are calling a humanitarian crisis.

“Eventually it’s going to be our problem here so we have to deal with it on the island now,” said Marie St. Fleur, a Haitian-American and former state representative.

St. Fleur was among representatives of the local Haitian and Dominican communities who met in front of the State House Tuesday to raise awareness about the deportations, which mostly affect people who are of Haitian descent or from Haiti.

Click HERE for the full text.

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