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Dominican Episcopal Conference Concerned About Haitian Descendents and Migrants

The National Commission of the Ministry for Migrants (CNPM), a subgroup of the Dominican Episcopal Conference, released a statement urging Haiti and the Dominican Republic to coexist peacefully on their shared island. The CNPM acknowledges concern over the plight of Haitian descendents and migrants in the Dominican Republic and other vulnerable groups who have not yet received their documents, encouraging Dominican authorities to assist these individuals in completing the registrations.

A section from the English translation is posted below. Click HERE for the full translation in English.

Click HERE for the original document, in Spanish.

Haiti-DR: From tension to harmony

Comisión Nacional de Pastoral de Migrantes-CED

July 31, 2015

Bilateral and dangerous factors from outside our island converge in current spector
of Haiti-DR tensions. Without denying the responsibilities of the two countries who
share the island, the National Commission of the Ministry for Migrants issues a call
for harmony, so that dialogue can be renewed in an atmosphere of transparency and
mutual respect, exercising the political will of the state to further the process
initiated by the PNRE (National Plan to Regularize Foreigners), and resolve any
difficulties that could obstruct peaceful coexistence.
We acknowledge and applaud the efforts – that through the PNRE – have
contributed to registering 288,466 applications from illegal aliens, and 55,000
revalidated acts that reinstate as many men and women born in the Dominican
Republic as Dominican citizens.  We express our congratulations on having granted
residency documents to a considerable portion of the sugar-cane workers, and with
delivering identity cards to those already qualified through the PNRE.

Click HERE for the full English translation.

Click HERE for the original document in Spanish.


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