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Dominicans Face Statelessness, and the U.S. Remains Silent

Politicians, activists and lawyers are increasing the pressure on the Obama administration and U.S. State Department to defend those stripped of citizenship in the Dominican Republic. This is not an immigration issue, they say; many of the potential deportees are Dominicans, who were considered citizens until a 2013 court ruling applied retroactively to 1929 a constitutional amendment that limited citizenship to Dominican descendents. This excludes hundreds of thousands of immigrants and Dominicans born to foreign parents in the past 9 decades. Despite claims that Secretary of State John Kerry is engaging in talks with Dominican President Danilo Medina, many argue that these communications must be publicized and U.S. government officials should break their silence on this important issue.

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Obama silent on stateless Dominicans

Carolyn Guniss, The Miami Times

July 15, 2015

The silence from Congress, the U.S. State Department and President Barack Obama is troubling on civic and human rights violation by the Dominican Republic against Haitian-descendents living in Dominican Republic, said politicians, human rights activists and lawyers.

On a conference call Thursday, Congresswoman Frederica Wilson and human rights activists told representatives from the state department that stripping aways citizenship from Haitians by the Dominican Republic is not an immigration issue as it is presented but a human rights violation and they wanted to know why Secretary of State John Kerry and President Obama himself have not condemned the action.

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