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Citizenship of Human Rights Defenders in DR Threatened

Dominicans of Haitian descent who are advocating for just immigration policies in the Dominican Republic have been facing threats to their own legal status in DR. Some have had trouble obtaining identity documents and had their citizenship challenged–the same thing that has happened to countless Dominico-Haitians in DR’s ongoing citizenship crisis. While calls for the US to do more to protect these people and demand justice continue, the US continues to remain essentially silent on the issue.

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Gimena Sanchez-Garzoli and Carlos Quesada, WOLA

August 27, 2015

While the Republican primary debates are fueling anti-immigrant rhetoric including calls for recalling the birthright citizenship of immigrants in the United States, Dominico-Haitian human rights and migration activists are coming under attack based on the same logic.

Last week, the Dominican Republic began deporting Haitian descendants, people born in the Dominican Republic and now deemed to be illegally residing in the country. However, something even more sinister is happening.  It appears that the citizenship of rights’ advocates is being challenged in an attempt to intimidate those speaking out.

Manuel Dandre, a prominent Dominico-Haitian  activist and lawyer advocating for Haitian and Dominico-Haitian rights,  was told that his birth certificate could not be provided because he has a “rejected” status; as his mother was a foreigner and did not have the appropriate documents when she registered his birth.  Despite weeks of legal struggles, he has yet to receive his birth certificate.


Click HERE for the full text.

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