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JILAP Electoral Observers’ Report on August 9th Elections

This is an unofficial translation of the report on the August 9th elections from one of the local human rights groups that sent observers, JILAP.

Click HERE for the full report, in English.

Klike LA pou rapò orijinal la, an Kreyòl.

JILAP Declaration

August 12, 2015

3rd position of JILAP on voting day August 9, 2015

JILAP mobilized 1300 people to observe the first round of 2015 legislative elections. When we consider that elections are a democratic exercise that allows institutions to take root to make democracy grow, always faithful to its work, the Commission sent eyes to each territory of the country to see how the process was unfurling. Although the voting day ended, there are various aspects of the process that merit attention. Here’s what the Commission observed:

  1. Concerning the number of voters who voted:

Participation was very low, the number of people besides mandataires, observers, political parties and people involved in the electoral process like members of the voting centers wasn’t more than 25 in each voting center. The number of mandataires varied and there were some who didn’t have the proper identification papers.

  1. Concerning the police:

Even if the police had a security plan for the elections, in various places, the presence of the police was stronger in some places than in others. Various measures the police foresaw and announced were not respected. For example, cars and motorcycles didn’t respect the 300 meter distance from the voting center, there were many illegal guns in the hands of bandits, and all the measures that were announced were not respected. Desperate supporters of candidates took advantage of the weakness of the police to misbehave, like throwing rocks, shooting to wound or kill people, beating members of the centers, filling ballot boxes, threatening voters, and stealing ballots boxes in various places in various departments of the country:


Click HERE for the full report, in English.

Klike LA pou rapò orijinal la, an Kreyòl.

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