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Major Political Party Drops Out of Haiti’s Elections

The Vérité party, closely associated with former Haitian president Préval, has just dropped out of the 2015 elections due to the irregularities that have riddled the electoral process so far. This is a very big deal not only because  Vérité was one of the parties leading in the legislative race so far, but also because the elections may not have happened in the first place without Préval’s support. Vérité was considering withdrawing for a long time and now that it has, many are wondering what will happen with the elections and the political alliances that the party was involved in.

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Political Party that Played Key Role in Bringing about Elections Drops out of Race

Haiti Relief and Reconstruction Watch

September 9, 2015

Haiti’s internationally backed electoral process was thrown further into disarray yesterday as a leading political party announced its withdrawal from the electoral process. In a press statement, the Vérité platform, closely associated with former president René Préval, said it was pulling out of the elections because it was the primary victim of the August 9 “electoral mess,” and called for a “good” electoral council in order to “run a good election.”

Haiti’s August 9 election was characterized by extremely low voter turnout, with just 18 percent of registered voters going to the polls. Additionally, nearly one-quarter of all votes were never counted due to violence on election day, problems transporting ballots and other issues. In 25 of the 119 races for deputy, elections will need to be re-run due to the scale of irregularities. Over the last month, an increasingly large cadre of candidates has taken to the streets, leading protests against the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) and a government who they claim has rigged the process.

Also yesterday, INITE, Préval’s former political movement, called on its representative, Ariel Henry to leave the “consensus” government that has run the country since the terms of parliament expired in January. To “remain part of a government that has undertaken and continues this electoral coup of August 9, would be contrary to our principles, our democratic ideals,” the party stated in its letter to President Martelly.


Click HERE for the full text.

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