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Veye Yo Denounces “Electoral Coup d’état” of August 9th

Miami-based community organization Veye Yo has called a press conference for September 1 to denounce the “electoral coup d’état” of August 9. Below is the text.

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Press Release

A press conference will be held on Tuesday, September 1, 2015 at 10:30 AM the Veye Yo office located at 39 NW 54th Street, Miami Florida to denounce the electoral coup d’état of August 9, 2015 concocted by the outgoing United States Ambassador, Pamela White together with the corrupt regime of Michel Martelly. The majority of the people were prevented from voting for fear of their lives. Some people were killed, others were wounded at the hands of members of Mr. Martelly’s gangs shooting their AK-47s and other lethal weapons at the polling places. Ballot boxes were thrown out in the streets. Goons belonging to Martelly’s party were seen carrying ballot boxes inside the polling places. In fact, there were no elections on August 9, 2015. The Electoral Council selected candidates from Martelly’s party and candidates from other parties that are his close allies. Most of the opposition parties and all the human rights organizations in Haiti have called for the annulment of the so-called “elections”, but at the direction of Ambassador White, the Electoral Council have refused to do so.
Members of different community organizations will hold a press conference to denounce this electoral coup considered a blow to the democratic process in Haiti and to call for the invalidation of the August 9, 2015 selection by the Electoral Council in cooperation with Ambassador Pamela White.

For more information, please call:
Farah Juste at 305-944-4348; Roger Biamby at 305-335-0433; Jack Lieberman at 305-582-4946 or Tony Jeanthenor at 786-587-5384.


Click HERE for the pdf.

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