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Haitian Cholera Victims Seek Justice Through Photo Campaign

Five years after it was first introduced to Haiti by UN peacekeepers, cholera continues to claim victims. The UN has dodged accountability in court and its water and sanitation campaign, re-launched several times, is only 18% funded. This year, cholera victims shared their photos and stories to show the UN that they’re real people who are still seeking justice. BAI, IJDH and other organizations posted these portraits outside UN headquarters in Port-au-Prince, New York City and Geneva and launched (plus a Haitian Creole and French version) to spread the message.

Part of the article is below. Click HERE for the full text.

As Cholera Resurges in Haiti, the UN’s Commitment to Prevent It Fails

Nancy Young, PassBlue

October 18, 2015

tktktkt INSIDE OUT

HINCHE, Haiti — We were driving back from watching a soccer game here in central Haiti when my friend instinctively rolled up his window. It can get dusty on Haitian country roads, so I rolled up mine, too, even though I didn’t see anything in the air.

I did see the man up ahead on a bicycle wearing a surgical mask. I noticed his mournful eyes even before I knew anything else. He was pulling a heavy covered wooden cart, about the size of a large pickup bed. Hard work, I thought, on this hot day. The burden made him weave a little from side to side.

“Cholera,” my friend said.

It took a moment for my mind to catch up. By the time I formed the words, “What is he carry–?” I had answered my own question. “Where is he taking them?”



Click HERE for the full text.

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